Oven type high temperature sensor
  • Oven type high temperature sensor
  • Oven type high temperature sensor
Oven type high temperature sensor

The oven type high temperature sensor belongs to the Kemit CWF2 series, which uses a lead type sensing element made of semiconductor material NTC thermistor and the temperature sensing head is packaged with a metal shell. The application range of this series of sensors is - 40 ℃ to 300 ℃. The metal shell is made of stainless steel and other materials. The lead wire can be Teflon high-temperature wire, silica gel wire, XLPE wire and other wire materials conforming to UL and environmental protection certification with wire diameters of 22~30.

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Product details

. Oven, microwave oven
. Steaming oven
. Air fryer

Accessories (customized requirements)

. In line terminal
. Connector
. Casing (fiberglass casing, heat shrinkable casing, Teflon casing)
. Tie


Sensor family

CWF2 series metal shell encapsulation type

Operating temperature range

-40 ℃ to 300 ℃ (limited by temperature sensing elements, wire rods, etc.)

Type of temperature sensing element

NTC thermistor (Kemin MF51 series), PT100/1000

Resistance specification

50KF3950100KF3950, 1KG4537, PT1000-B, 3.3KG3970, 1.966KH4260500KF4260, 3.3KG3970, 1.27KF3899, etc

Head packaging form

Metal enclosed type

Shell material

SUS304, etc

Head package size

Customized size and shape

Common wire rod

UL1332, UL3122, UL3656, UL1430, UL10362, mica wire, etc

Dielectric Strength

1000VAC, 3S, 0.5mA (conventional, optional)

Thermal time constant

≤ 15s (in thermostatic oil bath)

Dissipation coefficient

≥ 2.5mW/℃ (25 ℃, in still air)

Rated power

150mW (25 ℃, in still air)

Customized service

. Above accessories
Shell size, shape and material
. Line type, line length
The resistance value, B value and precision of NTC thermistor can be customized

Typical style reference drawing

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