Medical services refer to the health promotion services provided by health technicians in accordance with the professional technical specifications for the care of life and the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, as well as the drugs, medical devices, rescue transportation, ward accommodation and other services provided for the realization of these services. Caring for life mainly refers to the care and protection of the natural process of life from birth to death, such as pregnancy health care, childbirth support, hospice care, preventive health care, etc; The diagnosis and treatment of diseases mainly refers to the process of identifying the human body after being damaged by the etiology, and adjusting the functional disorder or damage, so as to improve the function and recover the health.

Medical service is a concept widely used from daily life to policies and regulations and national development strategy. A clear concept of medical services is the need to standardize the service content of medical institutions, define the scope of medical services and various life and health insurance, deal with doctor-patient relations, and develop social health undertakings.

In different contexts, the scope of medical services is different. In a narrow sense, medical services mainly refer to the services provided by medical personnel to diagnose and treat diseases, which can also be called clinical medical services. Traditionally, medical services are mainly provided in the hospital for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. It is the whole process from the patient's visit, the establishment of a service relationship with the hospital, to the end of treatment, recovery, discharge or death. Modern medical services, while strengthening in-hospital medical services, attach importance to extending social medical services outside the hospital, including follow-up after discharge, family beds, public health education, disease census, social medical assistance and counterpart support, and medical care to the countryside.
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