(1) By using thermistors in the battery circuit, excessive current or overheating of current can be detected to adjust the charging rate. As a result, the current when the battery starts charging is relatively large, so that the battery can be quickly charged with a large charging current in a relatively short time. When the critical current or the critical temperature is about to be reached, the charging speed can be controlled to reduce, and then the charging can be completed smoothly.

(2) The ever smaller size of notebook computers also challenges engineers. The main board of the computer is very sensitive to the temperature, and the main board is very close to the heating power circuit. The continuously increasing CPU main frequency not only improves the speed of the CPU, but also makes its working temperature higher. In this case, the surface packaged thermistor can not only respond quickly to protect against overheating, but also is relatively easy to use, but sometimes the thermistor can not be installed at the required position. The surface packaged thermistor combined with a special shape of strip line can place the temperature sensitive components at specific sensitive points, thus further improving the protection ability.

(3) The food and drug industry also uses temperature control during transportation to ensure product quality. In order to prevent partial or total loss of the effectiveness of drugs, many drugs need to accurately control the temperature and temperature during transportation. During the transportation, the temperature recorder constantly manages the transportation conditions. A typical recorder may be a set of test cards placed in different locations. It may include an internal thermistor assembly, an external thermistor probe, or both.
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