Ear Marker Temperature Sensor
  • Ear Marker Temperature Sensor
  • Ear Marker Temperature Sensor
  • Ear Marker Temperature Sensor
  • Ear Marker Temperature Sensor
Ear Marker Temperature Sensor

Ear mark temperature sensor is one of the intelligent breeding epidemic prevention monitoring and early warning devices independently designed and developed by Kemit, which is specially designed for monitoring and early warning the temperature of domestic animals in small, medium and large modern breeding places. The whole system includes a query host, antenna, server, display, hand-held query device, ear mark sensor, communication cable and intelligent management system platform, which can build a fixed query system and an intelligent cruise query system according to the size of the breeding site.

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Product details

Intelligent breeding temperature monitoring
. Internet of Things


Sensor family

Intelligent temperature control scheme

Operating temperature range

-20 ℃ to 55 ℃

Precise temperature measurement range

High precision temperature chip

Temperature measurement accuracy


RTC clock accuracy

± 2% @ full temperature zone

working frequency


Total capacity


Battery management

Wide operating voltage range of battery: 1.1V~1.65V

Degree of protection

IP67 standard

Customized service

. Above accessories
Shell size, shape and material
. Line type, line length
The resistance value, B value and precision of NTC thermistor can be customized

Typical style reference drawing

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