Expressway Without Line Thermometer
  • Expressway Without Line Thermometer
  • Expressway Without Line Thermometer
Expressway Without Line Thermometer

The buried pavement temperature sensor is a kind of pavement detection equipment for expressway and traffic highway independently designed and developed by Kemin, which has invention patents. It can detect the temperature of the pavement in time, and effectively carry out early warning and prevention to ensure the driving safety of expressway, which is conducive to improving the safety of road traffic.

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Product details

. Expressway temperature monitoring
. Internet of Things


Sensor family

Intelligent temperature control integration scheme

Operating temperature range

-40 ℃ to 85 ℃

Storage temperature

-0 ℃ to 40 ℃

Temperature detection

real-time detection

Ponding detection

Intelligently detect the state of ponding, and do not collect if there is no ponding

Water level detection

Collect water level regularly in the collection cycle

Intelligent collection

Automatic control of acquisition frequency, the higher the water level, the more frequent the acquisition

Expected linkage

Controllable on-site warning light, warning language broadcast

Data reporting

Regularly transmit safety data, automatically report temperature/water level data changes, and automatically reissue interrupted data

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