BMS Temp. Sensor
  • BMS Temp. Sensor
  • BMS Temp. Sensor
  • BMS Temp. Sensor
  • BMS Temp. Sensor
BMS Temp. Sensor

Product details

.Car power battery pack

Accessories (customized request)

Leads, Connectors, Injected parts, etc.



CWF4 Series

Operating temp. range:


Type of temp. sensing element:


NTC spec.:


Head package  form:

Metal cap package

Cap material:

Nickel-plated copper, pure nickel sheet

Head package size:

Size and shape customization

Insulation voltage:


Thermal time constant:

≤15s(in a constant temp. oil tank

Dissipation factor:

≥2.5mW/℃(25℃,in still air)

Reference drawing for typical style:
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