Temp. Sensor for Dishwasher
  • Temp. Sensor for Dishwasher
  • Temp. Sensor for Dishwasher
Temp. Sensor for Dishwasher

Dishwasher temperature sensors are lead-type sensing elements made of semiconductor material NTC thermistors. The sensor is packaged in a metal shell, equipped with a sealing ring, the wire and connector models can be customized, and the lead wires meet UL and environmental protection certification.

Product details


Accessories (customer customized requirements):


Specification parameters:

Sensor series

CWF2 series

Operating temperature range

-40 ℃to105 ℃

Type of temperature sensing element

Kemin MF51 NTC

Resistance specifications

50KF3950(R25 ℃=50K Ω ± 1%, B25/50=3950K ± 1%)

Packaging form

Metal shell packaging type

Shell material


Package size

Reference drawings

Common wire


insulation resistance

DC 500V, 5S,100M

Dielectric Strength

1500VAC, 3S, 0.5mA(Regular, optional)

Thermal time constant

15s(In a constant temperature oil bath)

Dissipation coefficient

2.5mW/℃ (25 ℃,In still air)

Customized services:

The above accessories
Shell size, shape, material
Line type and length
The resistance, B value, and accuracy of NTC thermistors can be customized

Typical style reference drawings:

洁浦11.01.11.0001-(11020918)CWF2 50KF3950 UL2651.jpg

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