Network Energy
The intelligent world of interconnected everything is coming. Facing the challenges of big data, large traffic and large energy consumption, network energy focuses on communication energy, data center energy and other fields to build a green and intelligent world. Network energy provides energy solutions that fully meet the application scenarios of ICT industry, including intelligent sites from fixed network to wireless, and intelligent data centers from edge to cloud, to help Telecom and tower operators achieve green, efficient, safe, reliable and intelligent maintenance.

Network energy generally includes UPS power supply, data center, photovoltaic power generation, power transmission and distribution and other fields to provide customers with intelligent power supply solutions to make energy utilization more efficient. The growth of network energy has first seized the opportunity of the great development of China's data center market in the past few years, but it is also inseparable from continuous exploration and innovation. Every solution and every detail are carefully designed and strictly controlled by quality, which is a concrete embodiment of the extension of independent innovation ability. Network energy Co., Ltd. has a wide and complete network energy product line and a leading network energy technology, R & D product manufacturing and service platform. Network energy is committed to the perfect combination of technology and application engineering technology, providing customers with the most competitive end-to-end integrated solutions and creating competitive advantages for customers.

The network energy products involve communication power supply, printed board mounted power supply, customized power supply, UPS, special precision air conditioner for machine room, outdoor integrated communication cabinet, automatic transfer switch, power grid protection products, storage battery, low-voltage distribution and precision distribution cabinet, power equipment and environmental monitoring system, power operation power supply, AC frequency converter and other fields.

Specifically, based on the utilization characteristics of renewable energy and gas energy, Internet energy has formed a large number of market units integrating production, energy and energy. Based on the open platform of integration of energy physical network and Internet, it conducts multilateral transactions of energy related products and services independently and equally, so as to achieve the best efficiency of the energy system and maximize the utilization of energy value. It is a new energy ecosystem with ecological energy structure, capacity integration and efficient resource allocation.

It has five characteristics: ecological energy structure, diversification of market subjects, standardization of energy commodities, intelligent energy logistics, and free and multilateral energy trading. The advantage of Internet energy lies in its lower cost, which can provide better services for consumers and give consumers more independent rights.
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