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It is well known that power type NTC thermistors play a major role in suppressing the surge current at the moment of startup in the power supply system

The application of power type NTC thermistors in the power supply system of household appliances represented by color TV sets has been widely used since the late 1980s, with the popularization of large-scale color TV technology. The use of NTC thermistors in suppressing surge current and absorbing large current peaks has become a key device in the power supply system of TV sets. The safety devices all have an extremely long life cycle. Today, this application seems to continue to be widely used in many office electronic equipment such as color TV sets, displays and computer systems, and with the continuous development of electronic and electrical equipment, it has expanded its application to more fields.

With the help of our Kemin team, a home appliance manufacturer with high brand influence both at home and abroad has recently successfully applied the series of power NTC thermistors produced by our company to the products of wall breaking machine and soybean milk machine. In order to protect the power supply system of the products, the motor control system plays a major role.
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