New Energy Vehicle Charging System Sensor
  • New Energy Vehicle Charging System Sensor
  • New Energy Vehicle Charging System Sensor
New Energy Vehicle Charging System Sensor

The temperature sensor of the charging device adopts a lead-type sensing element made of semiconductor material NTC thermistor, which has high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, moisture resistance and shock resistance, and is suitable for harsh environments. It is one of the core products of Kemin New Energy temperature sensor.

Product details

. Charging station, charging gun
. Battery pack
· Energy storage and power supply

Accessories (customer customized requirements):

. Connector
. Tube

Specification parameters:

Sensor series

CWF3 series

Operating temperature range

-40 ℃ to 150 ℃

Type of temperature sensing element

Kemin MF51 series

Resistance specifications

10KF3950 (R25=10K Ω ± 1%, B25/50=3950 ± 1%)

Head packaging form

Plastic encapsulated PPS

Dielectric Strength

3000VAC, 60S, 0.5mA

insulation resistance 500VDC, 3S, ≥ 100M Ω

Thermal time constant

≤ 15s (in a constant temperature oil bath)

Dissipation coefficient

≥ 2.5mW/℃ (25 ℃, in still air)

Rated power

4mW (25 ℃, in still air)

relative humidity 5%~95%
Seismic resistance 10-2000Hz, 10G
Protection level
Customized services:

- The above accessories  
- Head packaging size
- Line type and length
- The resistance, B value, and accuracy of the. NTC thermistor can be customized

Typical reference drawings:

CWF3 10KF3950 UL3656 22# 3.6-10塑胶壳 - 1.jpg

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