Domestic Substitution of Gold Electrode NTC Chip to Increase Speed

Publisher: Administrator   Date:2022-10-26

A new round of capacity competition and market share competition in the power battery industry has entered a white hot stage. The core manufacturing link has become the core. Getting rid of the "choke" of core components has become the focus of battery enterprises and equipment enterprises at this stage. At the same time, it also provides an excellent window for the domestic substitution of core components.

In the field of temperature sensors, high-end temperature sensors have been highly dependent on imports for a long time due to the preferences of end users and the habits of domestic equipment enterprises.

The good news is that domestic NTC enterprises continue to overcome difficulties, from reinforcement to enhancement in technical innovation, cost advantage, delivery cycle, after-sales service and other fields. Domestic NTC enterprises, including Kemin sensors, have begun to emerge and accelerate the process of domestic substitution.

Power battery thermal management temperature sensor glass sealed high temperature high-end high-precision NTC chip mainly depends on imports. Domestic sensors made of silver electrode NTC chip and end silver patch NTC chip are easy to cause sensor failure, false high temperature and other abnormal phenomena due to silver migration during the use of battery thermal management, resulting in high repair rate and high cost of battery packs, which also increases the safety risk of battery packs.

Kong Weiting, chairman of Kemin, said that Kemin Sensor had introduced Japan's single ended gold electrode NTC chip to produce temperature sensors as early as 2017, and its application in the field of power batteries and energy storage basically eliminated the above failure problems, ensuring the safety of electric vehicle thermal management.

However, the disadvantage is that only Japanese enterprises can produce this gold electrode NTC chip globally, and the purchase cost is high and the delivery date cannot be guaranteed.

Under this background, Kemin Sensor continued to overcome difficulties in technology. Finally, it took four years to develop NTC gold electrode temperature sensor, and achieved initial success from chip formulation, production process and packaging automatic production equipment. The product has passed several reliability tests, reaching the international level of reliability, and passed the international certification of AECQ200 automotive passive components.

At present, it has been used in batch in BYD new energy vehicle power batteries, with stable product performance and no abnormal defects, which has been highly recognized by customers.

As a leader in the field of temperature sensors in China, Shenzhen Kemin has entered the field of thermal management temperature sensors for power batteries and energy storage batteries in 2013.

At present, it has become the designated supplier of temperature sensors for well-known new energy and energy storage batteries, such as SAIC Group, Ningde Times, BYD New Energy, Xiaopeng, Ripple Power, etc. Its products are used in many fields, such as automobile gearbox, new energy central control electric control thermal management system, battery pack water cooling system, on-board charging temperature control system, etc.

In addition, Kemin Sensor is also increasing the investment in automatic packaging, CCD automatic detection and automatic testing of gold electrode NTC chip, basically realizing the automatic production and testing of the whole process of automatic packaging, CCD automatic detection and automatic testing of gold electrode NTC chip, and ensuring the consistency and stability of the chip.

At the same time, the following core processes, such as automatic welding of sensor chips, laser repair welding, CCD inspection, encapsulation, perfusion, and testing, have been fully automated. The first domestic automatic production line for vehicle gauge temperature sensors has been established, and has been put into the production of BYD and Ford sensor products.

Kong Weiting pointed out that, while realizing the localization of high-end gold electrode NTC chips, Kemin is also increasing the upgrading and transformation of sensor automation production, helping to upgrade the quality of domestic power batteries and energy storage batteries, providing safety early warning for battery safety and reliability, and protecting safe driving.

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