[Association News] Kemin Sensor released the first national group standard on NTC temperature sensor application in the new energy field

Publisher: Administrator   Date:2022-10-26

Recently《Technical requirements and test methods of temperature measuring NTC temperature sensor for energy storage lithium battery. New Energy Vehicle Energy StorageNTCTechnical Specifications for Thermistors and Performance Test Standards for New Energy Temperature SensorsGroup Standards (hereinafter referred to as "Standards")On the national standard information public service platform and Shenzhen standard information platformOfficially released.This is the first book aboutNTCGroup standard for effective evaluation of temperature sensor systemnew energyNTCTemperature sensorSystematictechnical specificationsTest standardTest procedureAnd provided comprehensive and detailed specifications and standards. YesSemiconductor industry sensorsAn innovative initiative in the field.



       Under the guidance of Shenzhen Action Plan for Fostering and Developing Semiconductor and Integrated Circuit Industry Clusters, semiconductor enterprises are increasingly becoming the new force in Shenzhen's national economic and social development, but at the same time, there is no targeted guidance standard in the field of semiconductor temperature sensors. With the Shenzhen Municipal Action Plan for Fostering and Developing Intelligent Sensor Industry Cluster (2022-2025), it is clearly proposed to build an intelligent sensor industry cluster with complete elements in the key subdivisions of developing strategic emerging industries, and formulate the Technical Requirements and Test Methods for Temperature Measuring NTC Temperature Sensors for Energy Storage Lithium Batteries The three group standards, Technical Specifications for New Energy Vehicle Energy Storage NTC Thermistors and Performance Test Standards for New Energy Temperature Sensors, enable semiconductor enterprises to develop in the field of sensors with high quality.

      Group standards can actively play a supporting and leading role in promoting the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and accelerate the process of transforming scientific and technological achievements into real productive forces. The industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements is tortuous. Problems are exposed in the application process, and solutions need to be constantly upgraded to better meet market demand. Especially for emerging industries such as semiconductor temperature sensors, when the original standard system is not enough to support the development of emerging markets, the role of group standards is particularly important.




The drafting of the three Standards was led by the Shenzhen Bao'an District Semiconductor Industry Association, with the participation of Shenzhen Kemin Sensor Co., Ltd. and Xinwangda Electronics Co., Ltd. The composition of the drafting expert group covers leading enterprises in the industry, domestic well-known universities, experts from standard institutes, scientific research institutions and other experts with many years of technical theory and experimental experience.

The three Standards, based on Kemin's own product characteristics and customer concerns, specify a number of NTC temperature sensor technical requirements, signs, packaging, transportation and test methods, which are more suitable for the current and future refined development trend of semiconductor sensor industry, improve product competitiveness and promote product technology development. At the same time, the standard provides more specific and feasible provisions for test methods, product delivery inspection standards, etc., to further standardize product quality requirements.

The release and implementation of the three Standards also put forward higher requirements for Kemin Sensor Co., Ltd. and related semiconductor enterprises. Shenzhen Kemin Sensor Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of intelligent sensing products and module solutions of the Internet of Things series, such as NTC chips, precision temperature sensors, pressure sensors, temperature and humidity sensing modules and wireless RF module chips. As one of the few participants in the market with the R&D and production capacity of NTC chips, Kemin Sensor took four years to successfully develop a high-temperature resistant gold electrode chip and sensor in 2021, breaking the worldwide monopoly of Japanese technology on this chip. After several reliability tests, it reached the international equivalent reliability level, and passed the international certification of AECQ200 automotive passive components. In addition, Kemin Sensor is also increasing the investment in automatic packaging, CCD automatic detection and automatic testing of gold electrode NTC chip, basically realizing the automatic production and testing of the whole process of gold electrode NTC chip, and ensuring the consistency and stability of the chip. The development and release of the three Standards have great practical significance for improving the R&D, design, production and manufacturing level of NTC temperature sensors and related parts, improving product quality, improving management level, and promoting the development of the sensor industry, and also fill the standard gap in NTC sensor thermistors in China.

At the same time, the release of the three Standards also laid a good foundation for the layout of Xinwangda Electronics in the field of new energy vehicle batteries. Since 2021, Xinwangda has successively won the fixed points of Dongfeng Liuqi T5EV, Dongfeng Liuqi Lingzhi CM5EV, Dongfeng E70, GAC A9E, SAIC GM Wuling E50, SAIC GM Wuling CN220M HEV, SAIC ZS12MCE HEV, etc; For Xiaopeng, Xinwangda has become the A supplier of a version of G9. In the favor of many car enterprises, the installed capacity of Xinwangda power battery has increased rapidly. According to the starting point research statistics, the company's installed capacity will reach 2.06GWh in 2021, with a market share of 1.3%, ranking 10th; The latest data shows that Xinwangda's installed capacity in May has ranked fifth in China, and its total installed capacity from January to May ranked seventh. With the rapid development and reform of the automobile industry, product quality upgrading is imminent. The formulation and release of these three Standards is conducive to solving the current situation that Xinwangda products have no standards and can not enter high-end customers - with standards, the product technology and quality level are significantly improved, which will drive Xinwangda to better seize domestic and foreign markets, laying a solid foundation for Xinwangda to develop towards high quality.


The release of the Standard is a milestone of the system construction in the sensor field of the semiconductor industry. It provides a comprehensive and perfect evaluation methodology for NTC temperature sensor system, which not only conforms to the current development stage of relevant semiconductor enterprises, but also has a forward-looking guiding significance for the long-term development of the system construction of relevant semiconductor enterprises. It is expected that the promulgation and implementation of the Standard will effectively promote the technology research and development and high-quality development in the sensor field of the semiconductor industry, escort the standardized development of semiconductor enterprises, and provide a solid guarantee for the high-quality development of semiconductor enterprises.


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